Sabbaday Point Road Association
Sabbaday Point Road Association

Sabbady Point Road Association members believe a well-maintained access to a homeowners property directly effects their quality of life and the resale value of their property. 


The mission of SPRA is to oversee the use and facilitate the maintenance of Sabbady Point Road, Pride Lane, Outlet Cove Road and Passby Point Road to the benefit of all its members.

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SPRA By Laws
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SPRA By Laws Addendum
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2023 SPRA Letter from President
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2022 SPRA Annual Meeting Minutes
2022 SPRA Annual Meeting Minutes.pdf
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Q:  Am I obligated to pay association dues just because I live on Sabbady Point Road?

A:  Yes, in accordance with Maine State law Title 23, Chapter 305, Subchapter 2, Private Ways, subsection 3102, "If any owner, on requirement of the commissioner, neglects to furnish that owner proportion of labor, materials or money, the same may be furnished by the other owners and recovered of the owner neglecting to pay in a civil action, together with cost of suit and reasonable attorney's fees."


Q: What if I don't pay my dues?

A:  SPRA has an obligation to other homeowners to collect those dues and will commence civil action proceedings in a Maine State court up to and including placing liens on property.


Q: Money is very tight at the moment what if I am unable to pay?

A: Contact the SPRA Board of Directors President to work out a payment schedule.


Q: Am I automatically a SPRA member when I pay my dues?

A: No, you must be a signatory of the SPRA bylaws.


Q: What is the benefit to signing the bylaws and becoming a member?

A: Becoming a member of SPRA protects your personal assets. If someone was injured on the road that person can sue you personally if you are not a member and they can also name SPRA in the suit. If the court ruled in favor of the injured person, SPRA assets may be subject to forfeit but not its members' personal assets. The single person named in the suit could forfeit whatever personal assets the court deems appropriate.


Q: How do I become a member?

A: Contact the SPRA Board of Directors President.


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